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Welcome to  my online shop/ Studio/ Gallery!

So happy to meet you here!

This is reproduction of my original watercolor painting that I turned to a wearable art.

My wearable art reflects the story of my life.  Three chapters on three continents where I had many successes and challenges.  I see them all as blessings that helped me grow and be grateful for the gift of life!

Chapter One: Born in Tehran and raised with love.  I felt the rich culture.  I was fortunate to attend one of highest ranking University in Iran and at the same time I was attending a 2 years internship with a top Japanese firm. The last part was receiving a full scholarship from Goethe Institut/ German Embassy  for Germany.  I am grateful for my first success stories at a young age.  The challenges were that I had to learn how to deal with the polio I had contracted when I was a year-and-a-half old and how to let go of the loss of my young father whom I had lost in a car accident as I was only 16 years old.

Chapter Two: In my early 20’s, I moved to Germany to further my education. During my 21 years in Germany, I had an opportunity to get to know this amazing country and people, pursued my master’s degree in Computer Science, got married and became a mother of two wonderful boys. The toughest time was going through a divorce and realizing that I would have to take the rest of this journey by myself: No husband and no father for my children.

Chapter Three: I moved to San Francisco with my boys in my early 40's to pursue a better life for my family.  We learned how to thrive by holding each other’s hand taking one step at a time.  We eventually settled in a beautiful community in the San Francisco Bay Area.   Although I lost my IT career during the 2008 financial crisis, I did not lose my spirit,  I was able to pursuit a career in real estate with the supports of my family and friends and become a successful realtor.
While I am enjoying the success of my real estate business, I don’t forget my other passion, ART.  
I work as a duo with my mom in my ART passion.  She is the hero of my life and my real-life guardian angel.  We have come closer than ever.  It is truly a pleasure to share all this good energy with the world around us. 
My collections of wearable art reflect the spirituality, creativity and inspiration that I draw upon throughout my journey in life. As you see every collection has a name and the idea behind it is another part of my personal journey: A big tool was to learn to  listen to my inner voice and find out what I need today the most: Some days I needed more courage and some days more patient or enjoyment? What do you need today?  Hope you can find it in our collection here.

I am confident that my creations can add another creative layer to your outfit or be that unique gift idea that you can share and with your beloved ones! 
Hope you enjoy the collectable limited edition of wearable art by DINART.
5% of sale proceed with be donated to a non-profit agency that support children with special needs.


With Gratitude and Love

Dina Asna

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