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This is reproduction of my original watercolor painting that I turned to a wearable art.

Collection: Beauty 

Size: 0.4 x 1 Inch - 10 mm x 25 mm
Material: Shiny silver
This collection offers also Necklace, earrings in different shapes and materials.

My collections of wearable art reflect the spirituality, creativity and inspiration that I draw upon throughout my journey in life. For example every collection has a name and the idea behind it is another part of my personal journey: As I was listening to my inner voice I heard that everyday I need something else: Some days we need more courage and some days more patient or enjoyment?

What do you need today? I am confident that my creations can add another creative layer to your outfit or be that unique gift idea that you can share and with your beloved ones! 

Hope you enjoy the collectable limited edition of wearable art by DINART.
5% of sale proceed with be donated to a non-profit agency that support children with special needs.

Read more about the story behind my collections:

Beauty - Adjustable Silver Ring - Watercolor Painting- Flowers - Wearable Art -

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