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Wear Art Hand-Made with Love : 

This is reproduction of my original watercolor painting that I turned to a wearable art.

Material and Description
My Own Watercolor Painting - reproduction of my original watercolor painting

Size, shape and material options 
Round Necklace: Approx. 38mm, 1.5 inch - In Antique Bronze
Square Necklace: Approx. 38mm, 1.5 inch - In Antique Bronze
Rectangle Necklace: Approx. 24 x 48 mm, 1 x 2 inch - In Antique Bronze
Oval Neckless: Approx. 30 x 40 mm, 1.2 x 1.6 inch - in Silver

Image: glass cabochons
Chain: Antique bronze or silver approx. 24 inch - 60 cm
Made to order

I could find many excuses to sit on a comfortable victim chair: Disablity, Single Mom, abusive marriage, Immigrant, financial struggles, etc. But they all could never stop me to chase my dreams! What was my tools to go through all these and not only survive but even grow, shine and become a better version of myself? Art, spiritually, creativity, passion to share and serve however I can with people around me and finally my talent and experience in Marketing and Business. Miracle happened how this set of jewelry that you see here is bringing all my three strong sides together:

1) My Spiritual side: The key to survive the life's challenges for me has been to practice self-love and self-compassion, become mindful and learn to listen to my inner voice. Then connect to the world around you with the same compassion. Most of the time I could express myself with my painting and with some creative work! That is why every painting and every collection ended up to have a name. This is my personal journey as I was listening to my inner voice I heard that everyday I need something else: Some days we need more courages and some days more patient or enjoyment? This is my way to share this tool with you and to invite you to practice more to listen to your inner voice and let it choose what your heart desires today!

2) My Creative side: As I started to paint and shared them on social media with my friends and family across the world they loved it. First I started to mail them out to Canada, to Hamburg, to Shanghai and then I stopped myself and was looking for a way to take them off the walls and carry them in a new frame that can travel around the world, to be with you where-ever you go, to become a conversation piece. So I turned them to wearable art!

3) My Business side: We work as a duet with my mom: My love and passion for painting and creativity and my mom's love to jewelry brought us one more time in this project together! It is not the first time that I have an idea and she is there to help me to execute the idea! Actually she is the hero of my life and is my living guardian angle but this time we are two savvy business partners and it is more than fun! It is a pleasure to turn her and my passion to a business and share all these good energy with the world around us! We also decided to share a portion of our sales with a reliable non-profit organization that support children with special needs. It is a topic that is very close to our heart!

I have been working on this project for a while and I had an opportunity to show my work to people all over the world from San Francisco to Shanghai, Hamburg, Brisbane and evenTehran and almost everyone loved the concept and the design Therefore I am confident that they can add another creative layer to your outfit or be that unique gift idea that you can share and with your beloved ones!

Hope you enjoy the collectable limited edition of wearable art by DINART.

Courage - Necklace - Watercolor Painting - wearable art - Abstract - Woman

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